Redfern to Broadway via Alexandria

These free shuttles are open to the public – everyone and anyone can use it!
Please click on the orange circle below to download the timetable. 

        Redfern to Broadway


You can use the shuttle for all of these destinations:

  • Poets Corner Medical Centre
  • Aldi Super Market
  • Dank Street Shops & Cafes
  • Green Square Library
  • Green Square Train Station
  • South Sydney Community Aid
  • Erskineville Park
  • Erskineville Station
  • Newtown Library
  • King Street Shops & Cafes
  • RPA Medical Centre
  • RPA Hospital
  • Sydney University
  • Victoria Park Pool
  • Broadway Shopping Centre
  • Sydney Fish Markets (by request only)

4 Responses to Redfern to Broadway via Alexandria

  1. Dian Smith says:

    Thank you from all the Grandparents that are looking after their grandchildren in the South Sydney Area. I c travel down from the Central Coast by train every week and stay over night to look after two lots of grandchildren one from the Redfern suburb and the other family living at Waterloo.. Now i know of this free bus service i am looking forward to travelling to Broadway with the children.

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment! The V2V is open to the public and is there to assist everyone. Hope you enjoy your trip and if you need further information, please call us on 8241 8000.

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi my name is Melissa I’m in a wheelchair and need help getting around now i live in the Alexandria aera can you help please or put me in touch with someone who can i do have regular appointments with RPA HOSPITAL and i live on McAvoy st off fountain oppest dan Murphys just let me know if you come down this way thank you for any help you can offer

    • Hi there! Unfortunately, the bus does not go that far along McAvoy St. As you know Access Sydney Community Transport provides this service but they also specialise in other types of transport that may be of interest to you. Please call 8241 8000 or visit the website:

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